We are all artists

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Sunflowers. That was the inspiration.  Brought in to observe and to dissect and to create.  A celebration of fall and September.

The children were provided with time and materials.  Each creating their artwork in a likeness based on their own ideas – choosing the materials they wanted to use.  This to me is what makes it magical here.  To be sure of no right answer; to have no final expectation of what it should look like; to offer no judgment.  Children know all about wonder and about experimentation and exploration.


If I could choose one that would most dramatically embody what I think is representative of what is essential about a child’s experience at CNS – it would be this cubist interpretation of the flower.  This is what CNS is all about.  Allowing that child to be inspired and to create. To not lose their own magic and feel the pressure to create a flower that looks just like a flower or like someone else’s idea of a flower. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all feel such freedom?