Power of Parents


Spring is renewal and daffodils and tulips.  Spring is soccer and preball and kindergarten orientation.  Spring is endings and beginnings.  Spring comes too late and is over too fast.  But spring also has tradition.  For 41 years now, parents have gathered on this day – the Friday before the Saturday before Mothers’ Day to prepare for the Yellow Balloon Fair.  Spring after spring, fair after fair…always slightly changing, always staying the same.  Always a time for children.  And for our community to find its breath together and to create some magic for the all.


Today, like the many other Fridays before, parents took off from their normal routines.  Deliveries were received; furniture moved; tables set.


Raffles and auctions finalized.  Tents and games and organization.  Friendships were found today.  Connections were made.  And right now, on the eve of the Fair, lists are being checked and crossed off;  alarms are being set.


For all of this, for all of you – on behalf of the children, I am so ever grateful.  For those who were there today – and for all the parents who will work tomorrow; thank you.  Because this Fair has become more than itself – it has become a time when we find cadence and team and celebrate our community.  A time when families return to their memories and take a cupcake walk and find their wishes in the well.  A time when alumni return to volunteer or remember again what it is like to be filled with wonder.

See you all tomorrow at the Fair.  I can’t wait…

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