We arrived in Florence around 1P local time today after a relatively smooth overnight flight from Boston (via Munich).  We are excited with anticipation for the week ahead and ready for the last leg of our trip tomorrow morning via train to Pistoia.

After checking into our hotel, we left to stretch our legs and see some of the sites of Florence.  It was a beautiful early spring day – sunny and bright; brisk. Over two hours we did a pretty good job at seeing a half dozen or of the more popular tourist attractions – and the city was bustling; as if everyone decided that it was a good day for a walk about.  The architecture reminded me some of Paris – old buildings; long shutters for windows; window boxes ready for spring.  The lines waiting to get inside some of the big churches wound around the buildings and blocks; with street performers charming the large crowds of people gathered while they waited to offer a prayer or light a candle.

Noni and I had fun bringing Crocus along – a little gnome from the Middle Room that the children decided on Friday should accompany us on our journey.  Please check out CNS Lexington’s Facebook page to track her journey.  The Middle Room has been investigating maps all year – bringing Crocus with us to Italy was a natural extension to their work and will continue to make our world smaller for all of them while including them in our journey.

I will write tomorrow from Pistoia – we should arrive there around midday in time for a 2P tour of the city.

2 thoughts on “Florence

  1. Buon giorno Noni and Liz! Glad to hear you arrived safely. Thanks for keeping us updated. We will look forward to following along on your great adventure. Ciao! Katie and family

  2. Love that you are brought Crocus and you are taking pics of him with you along the way! He’s going to be such a world traveler when he gets home (and you too!)!

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